Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Member Appears in San Diego Court

San Diego, and California in general, is no stranger to motorcycle gang members. This past Monday, the state gained one more, though it was for a decidedly positive reason. Randy Mark Yager, 58, is a former leader of the Outlaws biker gang in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin. For 10 years, he was also featured on the U.S. Marshal’s list of 15 “Most Wanted” fugitives.

The indictment the judge read off in court was 51 pages long. Though the judge did not conclude by setting bail, prosecutors announced that they viewed Yager as a flight risk and overall danger to the community.

While his fugitive credentials certainly make a good case for Yager being a flight risk, his lengthy indictment makes it easy to understand why the community could be in danger if he was allowed back out on the streets.

Originally indicted in 1997, Yager was hit with charges from a Wisconsin federal judge that included burglary, robbery, trafficking counterfeit U.S. currency, trafficking narcotics, trafficking stolen vehicles, arson, possession of explosives, and even murder. He was the last defendant who had been served with that indictment to avoid arrest.

Though we don’t know the exact location, authorities have said Yager was arrested in Mexico, at a bar near Rosarito in Baja California. Originally, he claimed to be a man named David and had several forms of ID that carried the name David Michael Dorian. Further questions from Mexican authorities finally brought out the truth.

He is currently being held in San Diego at the Western Regional Detention Facility. However, he will be back in court on the 30th for his detention hearing.

Going fugitive is never a sound strategy for dealing with legal issues. Speak with a qualified attorney instead. If you or someone you know has anything to report on Yager, now would also be a good time to speak with a lawyer.