Oceanside Crash Put Two in the Hospital

Car accidents are nothing to take lightly. Although they happen with greater frequency in the San Diego area than elsewhere in the country, that doesn’t make them any less scary. This is especially true when one of the two vehicles is a large one that can do more damage. Consider, for example, the following story.

It was about 10:40 am when an accident occurred in Oceanside. The two vehicles struck one another right outside a gated senior community. Fortunately, none of the seniors were near the road when this happened, although the two drivers were injured.

According to Lt. Leonard Cosby of the Oceanside Police, the accident happened near the intersection of Emerald Drive and Sunset Drive. The former street attaches Sunset Drive to Lake Boulevard.

It was on Emerald Drive that a Toyota Tundra was traveling northbound going at a high rate of speed. The driver decided to turn left onto Jade Lane in an attempt to enter the gated senior community. However, when the driver made that turn, the Tundra collided head-on with a Chrysler that was heading south on Emerald Drive. Given the size of the truck and the speed it’s believed to have been traveling, both vehicles were heavily damaged from the impact.

The person behind the wheel of the Chrysler—they have not been identified—suffered lacerations to their arm. However, according to Cosby, they may have also incurred more serious injuries. This would explain why they were airlifted to Scripps Memorial Hospital.

At this time, the identity of the Tundra’s driver is also not being released. However, they too were taken to Scripps Memorial Hospital and were unable to immediately give a statement to police.

Obviously, both drivers will want the name of a qualified attorney to represent them. However, they’d be much better off if they already had that lawyer’s contact information and could begin acting immediately.


Truck vs. Chrysler Crash Hurts 2 Outside Gated Retirement Area