There are countless vehicles sharing the road at any one time in San Diego and the surrounding areas. Many of these vehicles are motorcycles, as the Bay Area has perfect weather for motorcycle rides and it’s also a great way to enjoy all the other beautiful scenery along our roadways. Unfortunately, motorcyclists have a lot more to worry about too. For one thing, those who drive cars and trucks don’t always see them. Making matters worse, motorcyclists have far less protection when accidents do occur.


On Sunday, August 27th, a 30 year old man was driving his motorcycle in San Marcos at around 1:00 am. At some point, he ended up sharing South Santa Fe Avenue with a suspected drunk driver who was behind the wheel of his Toyota 4Runner heading west. Right now, it’s not known which way the motorcyclist was traveling.

However, what has been established is that at close to 1:20 am, the two made contact. The resulting crash is believed to have killed the motorcyclist almost immediately. It occurred near the intersection of Las Flores Drive and South Santa Fe Avenue according to Deputy Tammy Bennetts. Paramedics who arrived on the scene pronounced him dead.

The driver of the 4Runner never stopped, but instead proceeded westbound on South Santa Fe Avenue. He was found about a quarter mile away from the scene at the intersection of that street and Bosstick Boulevard.

A lot of details are still missing from the story, including the names of the two men involved. We do know that the arrested driver is facing charges that include drunken driving, hit and run and gross vehicular manslaughter.

Although nothing can be done for the motorcyclist, his family should hire an attorney who can sue for damages on their behalf. Obviously, the driver would do well to look into hiring experienced representation for himself as well.