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Motor Vehicle Accidents

While most motor vehicle accidents result in minor injury and property damage, it is still important to seek proper representation to hold the responsible party accountable to any harm to yourself or your property.

Boating Accidents

Boating accidents can vary in damage and injury depending on the situation, and anyone who is a victim needs to understand how different issues can arise when trying to receive compensation.

Bus Accidents

The vast majority of people who were killed or seriously injured in a bus related accident were in other vehicles. That’s because the busses are very large and designed to be safe. A small car just doesn’t have a chance when in a collision with a large bus.

Car Accidents

No matter how minor or serious your car accident was, you need the right legal representation. The attorney you choose cannot just know something about traffic accidents. They need an extensive knowledge of different areas of law, including insurance.

Highway Accidents

Highway accidents happen very frequently in the United States, and since vehicles are usually driving at a higher rate of speed, the number of severe injuries and fatalities are higher than on other types of streets.

Motorcycle Accidents

Anytime a motorcycle is on the road, there is a potential for an accident, and when a motorcycle collides with a car or truck, the motorcyclist is likely to experience severe injuries.

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Taxi Cab Accidents

Because taxi cabs are used so commonly in major cities throughout California, studies have been done to determine how common the accidents are and how dangerous these accidents are for passengers or pedestrians.

Train Accidents

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a driver of a passenger car is 20 times more likely to die when in a collision with a train compared to a collision with another passenger vehicle.

Trolley Accidents

Trolley accidents do happen and they can often be very dangerous since the trolleys are much larger than passenger vehicles, and the accidents often involve pedestrians

Trucking Accidents

Because semi-trucks are so large, they pose a serious threat to passenger vehicles. Injuries from accidents could be severe and are often fatal.


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Garbage Truck Driver Kills Two

San Diego suffers from a dubious reputation of not being a very safe city for pedestrians. Unfortunately, it’s one the city continues to earn. This past Thursday morning, a 63-year-old man lost his life after he was struck by garbage truck. After the initial impact,...

Crane Accident Closes I-5 Down

If you were headed north on I-5 this past Friday, chances are you ran into quite the delay. While that’s not entirely rare for the interstate, especially nearing a busy weekend (it was Halloween, after all), the fact that a crane toppled over means that every lane had...

Motorcyclist Dies North of Vista

This past Wednesday, October 22nd, a 49-year-old man was driving his motorcycle just north of Vista. According to reports provided by the California Highway Patrol, the driver was killed after he collided with a sedan. The driver of this second vehicle had apparently...

Imperial Beach Crash Kills Motorcyclist

October continues to be a particularly bad one for motorcyclists in the San Diego area, as yet another one has passed away from an accident that occurred in Imperial Beach. While it’s common knowledge that the San Diego area is a particularly dangerous one for...