Mother of Injured Son Sues City of San Diego

San Diego is known for many things, particularly its beautiful weather, amazing food, and proximity to numerous bodies of water, including the Pacific Ocean. Unfortunately, the city also has one of the worst reputations in the country for car accidents that affect innocent pedestrians. Often times, innocent cyclists are victims as well.

One mother in San Diego believes that this dangerous atmosphere has now affected her son. Frankie Slattery, 15, was on his bike traveling across the intersection of B Avenue and 4th Street when a car crashed into him. Amongst other things, the collision caused Slattery an epidural hematoma, which is a very traumatic injury in the brain.

Even though Slattery was found to be to blame for the accident, his mother Quelene is planning to sue the City of San Diego in the hopes that she can pressure them into installing traffic lights along the stretch where her son was hit.

Quelene Slattery believes that a traffic light could be used to help temper the traffic between Orange Avenue and the bridge that runs from San Diego to Coronado. Her attorney has said that Coronado is liable to follow through since crossing these streets is not illegal, but certainly is hazardous.

There has been plenty of pushback, however, and this isn’t the first time the issue of traffic lights has been brought up. Many locals in the area don’t want stop lights, speed bumps, elevated crosswalks or other installations that may slow down traffic and leave cars backed up in front of their homes. It would kill their property values, according to a number of them, and cause greater amounts of pollution.

This case will continue to play out over the coming months, but it’s important to recognize the laws that are in place for your own safety. If you wish to affect change and can’t get results from your local city council, though, a lawsuit can be effective too.