Man Lucky to Be Alive After Chula Vista Fire

Few things are as scary as a fire in your home. Not only can fires cause unimaginable amounts of damage, they can also do this in very little time. Once a fire gets started, it doesn’t take long for it to rip through a home and take everything with it. Unfortunately, this can sometimes include the people inside. For a Chula Vista man, this was very nearly his fate on the night of Sunday, September 21st. Had it not been for his neighbors, there’s a good chance his fate would have been much worse.

The fire happened in a duplex located at the 500 block of Flower Street. At this time, authorities are still investigating what caused the fire in the first place. All we know is that the call reporting it came in at just after 9 p.m. While firefighters showed up promptly, those inside are lucky neighbors didn’t wait.

Instead, several people, including children, were evacuated from the house and brought a safe distance away by neighbors who noticed the fire. One man suffered minor burns and may have had issues trying to exit the structure on his own. Although his injuries were bad enough that he needed to get medical attention from the UCSD Burn Center, he’s fortunate just to be alive. Neighbors rushed into the house and helped the unidentified man make it to safety, despite the danger it meant they had to face.

Upon arriving, firefighters were able to quickly put the fire out. However, along with the man’s identity, we also don’t currently know the extent of the damage caused to the structure or those surrounding it.

While there are a lot of details we’re still lacking, anyone who lived in that home should seek legal representation, as they may have claims to make for damages. They may also need help with their insurance companies. Obviously, anyone who thinks they are to blame should find a qualified attorney as soon as possible too.


Neighbors rescue man from burning duplex