Although they perform important work for San Diego residents, city workers are just as responsible for their actions as the rest of us. When they make poor decisions or act inappropriately, the law must hold them accountable all the same. This is especially true when you consider the machine that many city workers operate on a regular basis. One misstep could result in serious injuries or even worse.

Two years ago, James Heath was injured after a collision occurred with a city vehicle. His lawyer told reporters that, to this day, Mr. Heath still experiences pain that shoots down his arm and limited movement of his neck.

The trial that followed finally came to an end last month when jurors ruled in favor of Mr. Heath. For his pain and suffering, plus past and future medical bills, Heath was awarded $1.3 million.

However, in a closed session last month, the City Council voted unanimously to appeal the decision. Although representatives for the council would not comment, they did state that their goal in appealing was to see a retrial.

On June 28th, 2012, Heath’s attorney said that a collision occurred on a section of Jackson Drive, where one lane becomes two. According to his attorney, Heath made the transition when a city vehicle driven by an employee drifted over and struck the plaintiff’s SUV. The defendant has always claimed he simply didn’t see Heath next to him.

After recovering from his injuries, Heath, who is a father of one, had to leave the Navy and is currently back in school.

Simply because your case seems airtight and you’re suing a defendant with as much money as the city of San Diego doesn’t mean you’re anywhere close to a sure thing. You still need a qualified attorney who can represent your interests as best as possible. Of course, as this case shows, even then, you may need that attorney further.