A San Diego nurse has been accused of neglect, among other things, in a case that went to court the week of February 25, 2014. The male nurse, who was responsible for caring for a 99 year old stroke victim at a nursing home neglected the patient in order to engage in adult activities with another nurse. Criminal charges against the man include a lewd act by a caregiver and elder neglect.

The situation was noticed after the stroke victim’s daughter noticed that her mother was not being properly care for. The daughter first made complaints and then was able to view security camera footage that showed the neglect and even using the patient in lewd acts.

In addition to these charges, the male nurse is being charged with neglect for six other residents of the board and care facility. (Male Nurse Accused of Engaging in Sex Act in Front of Patient Pleads Not Guilty, 2014)

In this case, the male nurse could face up to 11 years in prison, but that isn’t all. Because he neglected the 99 year old patient as well as six other victims, he could face cases against each of the victims’ families.

Nursing home neglect can lead to patients being left in deplorable conditions, patients who do not have their health cared for, or even patient death. In these cases, the nurse or nursing home that was negligent should be held accountable.

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