For those of us who own cars, it’s almost impossible to imagine life without them. We depend on them to get to work every day, take our kids to school, and run essential errands. However, aside from putting gas in them regularly, the price of owning a car can add up in other ways too. Maintaining your vehicle is essential to ensuring you get a long life out of it and that it’s always safe. However, you could be paying a lot more than you need to in maintenance costs if you don’t know about the following tips.

One of the most frequent costs we all incur when it comes to taking care of our cars is with oil changes. Conventional wisdom has always been that you need to do it every 3,000 miles. But that could easily mean five oil changes a year for many of us, which would really add up. Fortunately, that conventional wisdom is from yesteryear.  These days, engines and oil are designed to perform at much higher levels. So stick to what your car’s manual recommends.

Take the time to find a local mechanic you like and trust. Then make sure they understand you plan on giving them your repeat business. A lot of car owners jump from shop to shop, often simply going where the best sale is. While this makes sense on a short-term basis, if a mechanic knows you’ll be with them for much longer, they have more incentives to do right by you and help you cut costs. This alone can make all the difference.

Finally, when it comes to tires, consider buying them at a warehouse store. No, they won’t make you buy them in packs of 12. A lot of times they also offer better guarantees and warrantees than you’d get from a traditional auto-body shop.

So don’t accept high car maintenance costs lying down. The above methods are all easy ways you can stay on the road for less.