Lakeside Teenager Struck at Crosswalk

Pedestrians always need to be careful about the traffic that often whizzes by them at potentially dangerous speeds. This is especially true in San Diego, though, where pedestrians face a particularly rough time when compared to other cities in the country. In 2011, there were 120 people involved in 63 different car accidents that ended in fatalities. Of those 63 people, 30 of them were pedestrians.


Sometimes, however, the accidents happen because pedestrians aren’t practicing caution or acknowledging the law. A tragic accident in Lakeside recently served as an example of such a situation.

Jacob Buss, 15, and a friend of his were waiting to cross at Woodside Avenue while on Riverford Road. Eventually, Jacob became impatient and decided he wasn’t going to wait for the light to change. Upon seeing a car coming, his friend tried to pull him back, but it was too late. Buss was immediately struck by the vehicle.

The woman behind the wheel immediately stopped and called 911. She was not speeding or otherwise driving recklessly and thus will not be cited for the accident. Buss’ mother, Janette, has even made a public statement that she has no ill will against the driver and hopes she is able to overcome the devastation of being involved.

At the moment, Buss still remains in a coma. He recently underwent surgery to take pressure off his brain, but his mother is still unaware about what effects the accident will have on him.

This is the second accident to happen on that corner in as many years, further highlighting the need for pedestrians to be careful.

Although she’s not being charged, the driver involved should have contacted an attorney as soon as possible (after calling 911 and checking on Buss, of course), just to be sure. This is why it’s so important to have the number for a qualified lawyer on your person at all times.