La Mesa Man Frustrated with Dental Surgeries

Many rely on their smile to make a great first impression. At the very least, it’s something we unconsciously do to let the world know how happy we are. Unfortunately, for one man in La Mesa who didn’t think his smile was up to the task, it led to a much greater challenge.

The problems began for John Russell back when he was a child. While playing basketball, he lost two teeth that were eventually able to be put back into his mouth. However, over time, they weakened. Two years ago, it got bad enough that they had to be pulled.

Opting for dental implants, Russell visited SmileCare in La Mesa for a consultation on the matter. He was charged $10,000 for the procedure. After receiving a bone graft to help fortify the jaw, a surgeon that was working with SmileCare told Russell it wouldn’t work. He says the surgeon told him the company had made a mistake.

He underwent another attempt at getting implants this past August, but it also failed. Speaking with a local news team, Russell produced a consent form he had signed. Though it mentions no guarantees, the sixth-grade teacher says he feels he was deceived during the consultation. SmileCare also promised a refund, he claims, but it never arrived until the news team called the company’s corporate office in Florida. Then it took just two hours.

Since the original conversation with the news team, Russell says he used the money to pay for a bridge procedure, which will essentially insert artificial teeth permanently and most likely put the issue to rest. This time Russell went with a different company.

Although it’s nice to have a story with a happy ending, Russell should have also thought about contacting a law firm familiar with malpractice and/or dental cases. A qualified attorney may have been able to help him out much sooner.