On Sunday, June 15, a 51-year-old woman sustained serious injuries after being ejected from her vehicle as it rolled over at around 2:40 p.m. The accident occurred close to Boulder Creek and Engineer roads in Julian, according to Cpl. Tony Webber, a member of the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department.

The state the woman was in was so severe, that the Sherriff’s helicopter, ASTREA 10, was needed to pull off a hoist rescue. This was after ASTREA 1 was first sent out to the scene of the accident. A crewmember left the helicopter to observe the accident and found that, of the four members in the car, the 51-year-old female was in serious danger after having been ejected from the car.

It wasn’t the woman’s injuries, however, that made a helicopter necessary (at this time, we don’t know what exactly they were). Rather, it was her position after being thrown from the car. She was found on a very steep section of a ravine, meaning extraction would require a hoist rescue pulled off with the assistance of ASTREA 10.

After being rescued by the crew of ASTREA 10, the woman was transported to a nearby fire station in Ramona. A Mercy Air helicopter was then utilized to take her on to a local hospital to receive medical attention for her injuries. She is still there due to her current condition.

At this time, there is a lot of information unknown about the accident. The woman has not yet been identified, nor have the other three who were in the car with her. We also don’t know what their status was in the wake of the crash. Right now, the Sheriff’s Department has not reported on what caused the accident that resulted in a car flipping over and throwing one occupant from within.

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