Judge Rules with Cat Owner in Bizarre Case

For most pet owners, it goes without saying that we would do anything for our furry friends, even if it meant going to court. Sadly, a recent case involving a cat ended up in San Diego this past Tuesday, although the pet was no longer alive.

The incident is a bizarre one, though, as it highlights the contracts that are often signed between two parties when a pet is transferred from one to another. In this case, The Rescue House, a local charity that helps find homes for stray pets, filed a lawsuit against a woman named Margaret McLean.

They asked for $1,000, claiming that McLean violated an adoption contract she had signed with them, which ultimately led to the cat’s untimely death.

According to the suit, McLean signed a contract that stated, amongst other things, that she would not let the cat, Malik, roam outside.

McLean contends that’s exactly what she did weeks ago. However, Malik’s death was not because she let the cat outside, according to McLean, but because a dog across the street escaped from its leash, chased the cat down and killed it.

Oddly enough, despite admitting she broke the contract, the judge ruled in favor of McLean. Because the signed ruling did not come with an explanation, though, we don’t know what the reasoning behind the decision was. Naturally, McLean felt vindicated all the same, though representatives of The Rescue House expressed that they believe the ruling was a mistake. Unfortunately for them, they are unable to appeal it.

Again, we don’t know what convinced the judge to rule the way he did, but we can say that The Rescue House should have had a lawyer on their side. Just because a contract exists and seems clear-cut, doesn’t mean you’ll get your way. Instead, hire a qualified attorney to help make sure you don’t wind up disappointed with a judge’s ruling.