Whether you plan on selling now or just want to be ready in the future, there are tons of simple ways you can increase your home’s value. Here are just a few examples.

One easy way to add more value to your home is actually by adding more space. This is easy when you think about how many unnecessary walls there may be in your home. Even getting rid of the kitchen island may be worth it. Essentially, any way you either add more space or give your home the feel of more space is virtually guaranteed to attract buyers.

Another space you may have more obstacles than necessary is with your landscaping. You don’t need to add in gardens or plant new trees to get more from what your landscaping brings to the table though. In fact, one of your best bets may be to start reducing your home’s vegetation. Your house should be easy to see from the street at all times. Likewise, you don’t want vegetation blocking your windows and making it difficult to see the outside. Fortunately, pruning, limbing and other landscaping practices are cheap and can be handled on your own.

Getting more light in your home is another reason to make sure windows aren’t blocked because of overgrowth. However, you should also think of other ways to illuminate your space too. Adding in lights, and especially installing dimmers is always a popular method for increasing your home’s value. However skylights and sun tubes, are important measures to take too. Not only do they bring in light, but because it’s natural light, your utility bill isn’t any worse for wear.

Sun tubes are an especially good idea because they can essentially transport natural light to any room in your home. So not only will you save money, but you’ll get a fun effect as well.

Even if you’re not putting it on the market now, keep these easy steps for increasing your home’s value in mind. Chances are these methods will increase your own enjoyment of the property as well.