Imperial Beach Crash Kills Motorcyclist

October continues to be a particularly bad one for motorcyclists in the San Diego area, as yet another one has passed away from an accident that occurred in Imperial Beach. While it’s common knowledge that the San Diego area is a particularly dangerous one for pedestrians, it’s beginning to seem like the same can be said for those who ride motorcycles too.

The accident occurred at 6:10 p.m. this past Monday evening. It was then that San Diego County Sherriff’s investigators report that a 35-year-old man was heading east on Palm Avenue, riding an unspecified model of motorcycle. Unfortunately, it seems that the driver was also going over the posted speed limit of 35 mph.

When he came to the 10th Street intersection, his speed may have stopped him from noticing a woman driving an SUV who was turning left. After crashing into the SUV’s passenger side door, the impact was enough to send debris some 30 feet in every direction.

Rosaura Ramos, who owns a nearby taco shop, witnessed the accident and rushed to the motorcyclist’s aid, as she was once an emergency medical technician.

Ramos reports that the injured man’s vitals were very low, though he was moving slightly. She told to stay still but, unfortunately, by the time medics arrived, he was already dead.

Other witnesses have reported that they believe the motorcyclist—whose name is currently being withheld—was trying to beat the SUV to the turn. This would explain why he was going so fast at the time of the accident. However, investigators have yet to say if this is their finding as well. Eastbound Palm Avenue had to be closed down, while they conducted their investigation and results are expected to be forthcoming.

Fortunately, the female driver of the SUV suffered only minor injuries. Nonetheless, she should consult with a qualified attorney to understand what her next step should be.