Hot Air Balloon Proposal Ends in Crash

Had it gone as planned, one local area man’s proposal would definitely have been remembered as extremely romantic. Although the result certainly had some romantic elements, the final product certainly left a lot to be desired considering it ended in a crash off the coast of Cardiff-by-the-Sea.

Things started off well enough. The two lovers enjoyed a romantic sunset from the basket of their hot air balloon just before Eric Barretto proposed to his girlfriend, Jennilyn Buenaventura Garcia. Fortunately, she said yes. After that, however, strong winds took the hot air balloon off-course, according to the pilot, who has been identified only by his first name, Tim. It was then, he said, that he either had to hope for offshore winds to bring the balloon back or simply land it in the water.

At first, many witnesses said they thought the pilot was just bringing the balloon down close to the water so the couple could get a better view. However, it didn’t take long for the message to become clear that something wasn’t going as planned.

A handful of surfers paddled out to the balloon as it descended closer and closer to the water. Before it was able to crash, they used the ropes to pull it as close to shore as possible. Eventually, though, it descended into the water, but not before the newly engaged couple jumped into the Pacific and swam ashore.

Fortunately, none of the reports on the accident mention that anyone was hurt. Nonetheless, the couple will certainly want to contact an attorney if their unintended adventure doesn’t earn them a refund. If anyone had been hurt, it would definitely be a good idea to speak with an attorney, no matter what kind of waiver the participants may have signed. An experienced lawyer will know whether it’s still appropriate to seek damages.