Hit-and-Run Leaves Cyclist with Head Trauma

Though the San Diego area has long been known as particularly unsafe for pedestrians, more and more stories are emerging about hit-and-runs that leave cyclists in their wake. Unfortunately, this isn’t altogether surprising. Cyclists often share the same paths as pedestrians, but cover much greater ground, making it more likely that they may end up in front of a dangerous driver.

This past Oct. 12, a 23-year-old woman from Ocean Beach suffered serious injuries when she was hit by a driver who then sped off.

Nearly two weeks later, Katie Conner is still breathing through a ventilator as she sits in intensive care. Though she is sometimes able to react to verbal commands, her father reports she has incurred serious trauma to her head.

At the time of the accident, Conner had been traveling east on West Point Loma Boulevard, biking toward Sunset Cliffs Boulevard. It was roughly 1:20 a.m. when a white pickup truck featuring a camper shell (which could have also been white, but which at least one witness has said was possibly orange or brown) struck her. Conner had been returning home from her job at Pizza Port that morning.

Originally from Maryland, Conner moved to San Diego after graduating college and wanting to escape from the cold East Coast winters. Aside from working at Pizza Port, she was also holding down a second job as well. She was a regular cyclist, having just joined a club and in the midst of training for an upcoming AIDS fundraiser that would take her from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

Obviously, if you know anything about the vehicle or driver that struck Conner, you should report it to the San Diego Police Department immediately. It’s never a good idea to leave the scene of a crime, especially if you were responsible, but the driver’s best bet now is to speak with a legal representative and then turn themselves in.