There has been a rash of motorcycle accidents and hit and runs here in San Diego and the surrounding area this summer. They serve as unfortunate reminders that motorcyclists, though numerous in the Bay Area, still don’t always get seen by the drivers around them. Of course, motorcyclists can also do a lot to make sure they stay out of dangerous situations too.


With hit and runs, however, there’s nothing a motorcyclist can do to ensure the other party observes the law. Often, when an accident is really bad, the other driver will take off in an attempt to save themselves from the consequences.

That seems to be what happened in Fallbrook last Tuesday, July 22nd. A motorcyclist was driving down Interstate 15 when he was struck by another car. The collision sent the 28-year-old-man flying from his motorcycle and into traffic. After landing on the highway, a box truck ran him over, killing him immediately.

Thanks to witness statements, the California Highway Patrol is looking for a cream-colored sedan. It would have been traveling on Interstate 15 around 5:40 pm when the accident occurred. The sedan would have been changing lanes around this time before taking off after the incident. CHP believes the driver is a white man in his 30s who had a passenger with a red goatee, but blond hair.

Obviously, the sedan should probably also be displaying damage done to it from the crash. CHP believes this damage should be on the passenger’s side door or closer to the front. There may also be blue paint from where the motorcycle connected with the car.

When the driver is apprehended, the motorcyclist’s family should seek legal representation. Even speaking to a lawyer now wouldn’t be a bad idea if it means they better understand their rights. Aside from what the authorities will do to the man, the family is also entitled to their day in court.