High Speed Chase Ends with Car Crashing into Home

It should go without saying that if the police attempt to pull you over, your natural response should be timely compliance. Unfortunately, that’s not what a local Oceanside man did this past Sunday night.

Of course, that’s probably because Larry Frank Lopez, 42, was driving a stolen car. Police came across the vehicle and, upon running the plates, learned it had been reported as stolen six days earlier. When they attempted to pull Lopez over, he took them on a high-speed chase. This happened, despite the fact that the passenger in the vehicle was his 23-year-old son, Larry Frank Lopez Jr.

It was around 11:30 p.m. when Aaron Todd told police he thought he felt an earthquake that woke him up. When he reached the top of his stairs, however, he quickly realized he was mistaken. That’s because he was staring at the front of an SUV that had just crashed through his home.

Seeing the driver trying to escape the vehicle through its driver-side door, Todd went out the back of his home and helped the man get free through the back door. At this point, Todd said, his only concern was keeping the strangers away from his kids. Once free, the driver took off, only to be found not far away by Prairiestone Way. He had suffered obvious head trauma.

Emergency responders needed to pull Lopez Jr. from the vehicle. He had suffered life-threatening injuries and had to be taken to Palomar Medical Center.

Upon searching the vehicle, authorities say they also found handguns. While Lopez had originally managed to evade the police, the accident meant they found the two within 20 minutes.

Both men should contact a qualified attorney as soon as possible. Any one of the crimes we know they’ll be charged with come with lengthy sentences, meaning they’ll need all the help they can get.