Chances are good that you’ve already heard about Tara, the cat that saved a four-year-old boy, Jeremy Triantafilo, from what looked as though it had the potential to be a horrific dog mauling. The video, which went viral quickly, showed that the dog, a Labrador/chow mix appeared to be stalking the Southern California boy. The dog lunged and grabbed Jeremy, only to be thwarted seconds later as his cat sprang into action, attacking the dog and finally chasing it away.

Jeremy is a very lucky boy to have a cat that was able to act as quickly and selflessly as Tara did. The results could have been tragic otherwise. The owner of the dog consented to have the animal euthanized, so it will not pose a danger to any other children or adults.

The Danger Is Real
Dog bites are always dangerous, whether they are from a large dog breed or even a small dog. The teeth are savage and they can rend flesh, damage nerves, and cause immense amounts of psychological damage. Most people aren’t as fortunate as Jeremy was, and they do not have their own hero cat ready to pounce and save them.

San Diego is a very dog friendly town, and many people take their pets with them when they go out walking, to the park, and even to the beach. This means that residents have a high chance of encountering dogs with their owners, as well as dogs running loose. While you will not have to deal with dangerous encounters often, be aware that they do happen. If you or a loved one has been injured in a dog bite incident, you should seek legal counsel immediately. It is important that you receive compensation for your injuries, as the medical expenses associated with them can be quite high.