A head-on collision that occurred at 10 pm on June 29th near Pala on SR-76, just a little west of Adams Drive, has resulted in one person dead and two more injured. When emergency crews were called to the scene, they found a man trapped in his pickup truck which had rolled over. The responders utilized a local truck driver to turn his lights on the accident so they could see what they were doing as they operated the Jaws of Life. Unfortunately, by the time they were successful in reaching the man, he was dead.

Making matters worse, two medical helicopters had been requested to the scene, but adverse weather conditions made it impossible for them to make the trip. Fortunately, the two other victims involved in the crash are expected to pull through.

There is no word yet on who was responsible for the head-on collision or how it occurred. However, the truck driver who had been called upon to help told officials that he travels this part of SR-76 often and has seen plenty of accidents in this area before—including this type of collision.

Again, no one knows what happened, but the two survivors have every reason to contact a personal injury lawyer in San Diego. While this would be especially true if the other driver had lived, they could still face charges if found responsible for the crash.

At the same time, if the truck driver is right about the amount of crashes in the area, those involved (as well as the family of the victim who died) could also have a case against the city. This area may be especially dangerous because of a lack of safety provisions which the city should have provided.

That is why it’s always a good idea to contact an attorney when tragedy strikes. There are too many angles for most of us to consider, meaning we could end up missing out on what is rightfully ours or end up being charged with something we didn’t do.