Head on collisions can be some of the most dangerous vehicle accidents. That’s because they involve both vehicles traveling with full momentum at the other. There’s very little chance that the impact from the crash will be lessened because one car is going in a different direction, as sometimes happens with side collisions. When you add greater speeds like the kind that can be reached on the highway, you have a very dangerous recipe for disaster.

Such was the case at the end of May, when a crash occurred at roughly 3:15pm on State Route 67 right by Winter Gardens Boulevard.

The female driver of a Ford F150 identified as being from Jamul entered the freeway from the wrong direction. She actually took an off-ramp to get on it. Her truck even cut into the dirt that is used to separate the ramp from the freeway.

After making it onto the freeway, the driver allegedly squared her vehicle on the dividing line, centering herself and taking up parts of both lanes. At the same time, a man driving a Select Electric utility truck was pulling a trailer in the fast lane going northbound. He tried to avoid the F150, but couldn’t swerve fast enough before the vehicles hit head on.

According to several witnesses, it sounds as though the driver who went the wrong way—a 29 year old woman who has since been identified as Trista Lynn Stier—did so intentionally. If her aim was to end it, she was successful. Unfortunately, she took the life of the man driving the Select Electric utility truck too, a 49 year old man named Douglas M. Menegos.

This is a good, albeit tragic, reminder that not everyone who shares the road with you has the same commitment to safety. That’s why it pays to have a personal injury attorney on speed dial in case someone else’s decisions impact your life.