Sweetwater Road, which has had more than its fair share of accidents over the years, was again the scene of an accident on May 27. The accident occurred at 8AM near Doral Way, and the police are still investigating the actual cause of the accident. Currently, they suspect that it could have been an incident of racing or possibly road rage. Both of these are problem issues in the San Diego area.

The CHP (California Highway Patrol) officers said that firefighters had to cut victims from the wreckage in an effort to mitigate the injuries they were suffering. In addition to the two victims in a totaled Honda Civic, a dog also received injuries.

As mentioned, both road rage and racing are issues in the San Diego area, and they have been for years. While the racing problem might not be quite as bad as it was several years ago, it does still claim its victims, mostly young people. Road rage seems to be growing as a problem. People have less time, and their tempers are quicker to flare. When they are behind the wheel, they feel more powerful and they have tons of steel to back them up. Road rage incidents are very dangerous. Take a deep breath and keep your anger as low as possible. Pull into a parking lot to calm down if you need to. Never engage while on the road. The stakes are simply too high.

If you’ve been in an accident because of someone else’s negligence, rage, or racing, then you may well have a suit to file against them. Take the time to speak with a San Diego attorney who specializes in this field and who will be able to provide you with the help you need as a means to get the damages you deserve.