Former Chargers Lineman Sued By Alleged Ex-Lover

A woman going by the name “Adrienne E.” has filed a lawsuit against former Chargers defensive lineman, Cameron Thomas, who is currently playing for the Pittsburg Steelers.

However, the lawsuit alleges that while playing for and living in San Diego, Thomas was physically abusive to her, including battery, assault, sexual assault, and infliction of emotional distress. The suit also claims that Thomas knew he had herpes and yet went through with unprotected sex with “Adrienne E.” over the course of their relationship which lasted for over a year.

According to Thomas’ defense attorney, Chris Morris, these charges are simply untrue. For one thing, he claims he’s unaware if his client even has the virus. Furthermore, he states “Adrienne E.” had been tested for it during the course of the relationship and her positive test only came back five months after the relationship was over.

In terms of the physical abuse, the woman claims that Thomas had assaulted her while they were both in a vehicle he was driving, that he had choked her and that she had been burned by him with an iron.

Obviously, everyone is aware that the physical assault mentioned above is immoral and clearly against the law. However, some people may not be aware that they need to disclose to people they intend on having sex with if they currently have a disease like herpes that would be passed along. By not doing so, you are committing fraud through intentional concealment and would also be charged with negligence.

If you’ve tested positive for an STD like a form of herpes, contact a qualified attorney to ensure you understand what your responsibilities are before the next time you have sex with someone. Your conversation will be kept private due to attorney-client privilege and you’ll avoid being charged with a crime the next time you wish to have intercourse.