Montrose apartment fire.

A cat, severely injured in a Melrose, Texas fire, is recovering at a local veterinary clinic. The five-alarm fire devastated an apartment building which was under construction. The fire occurred March 25th, at the corner of Montrose and West Dallas.

The feline is recovering from her injuries at the Montrose Veterinary Clinic. Animal care workers there have nicknamed the unidentified cat Phoenix, in honor of the mythical bird which rose from its own ashes.

Staff members at the clinic are posting pictures on their Facebook page of Phoenix as she recovers from her burn injuries. They are using the social media site to keep the public updated on the condition of the cat, as she recovers from burn injuries.

Phoenix was discovered hiding under a toolbox after the fire. The cat was meowing for someone to help her.

Cathy Codes, who lives across the street from the fire said, “My dogs kept smelling under the toolbox and we didn’t know what was going on and we went and looked and saw this cat under the toolbox meowing.”

Not all animals – or people are as lucky as this fortunate feline. According to the American Burn Association, healthcare professionals treat about half a million burn injuries every year. An astounding 94 percent of victims survive their injuries, but treatment can be extremely painful.

People can sustain burns from a number of sources. Heat can burn, and is the most common type of burn. These injuries can also be caused by steam electrical sources, as well as exposure to caustic chemicals. Internal burning can be caused by inhalation of chemicals of superheated gases.

Over three-quarters of all burn injuries in the United States are caused the hot surfaces or scalding water. Seven out of every ten burn victims are male.

According to those treating Phoenix, although the cat smells like burned fur and ashes, she is purring and recovering as quickly as can be expected.