On Thursday, February 20, an explosion happened in an apartment building located near Cuyamaca College. This explosion, which brought in first responders, bomb squads, and other professional services, lead to two severe burn injuries for residents in the apartments.

According to fire Captain, Kendal Bortisser, a man and a woman were significantly burned before the authorities even arrived. They were treated by medics on site and then transported to a local hospital. Both residents were staying in the apartment where the explosion happened in the bathroom. No other residents were injured in the explosion. (Service)

At the time of news reports, it was unclear of how the explosion occurred and who was to blame. If it turns out that there was negligence on the part of the apartment building owner, supervisor, maintenance team, or manufacturer, then the victims could have a personal injury case against the person who is responsible.

However, if the couple who was injured did something to be at fault, such as create bombs or concoct certain illegal drugs, then they could be held liable to the damages to the building. If anyone else had suffered from burn injuries, then these injuries would be the responsibility of the person at fault.

Anyone who has been burned because of the negligence of someone else may have a case against that person. They will need to contact an attorney. If you have been the victim, then call Thompson Wedeking to discuss your possible case with an attorney today.