If there’s one place we should all feel safe, it’s in the security and comfort of our own homes. Nonetheless, when you do consider the possible dangers that could find you there, you certainly don’t think of what one family recently had to experience in Escondido.

It was just before 1am when the incident occurred. The home, located on the corner of Mission Avenue and Pitman Street, is owned by Katy Schuster. She and her family were fast asleep when she says she suddenly heard what sounded like an explosion.

While no bomb went off, the actual story is just as scary and maybe even more improbable. A white Dodge Charger had actually crashed into the home. Details are still being confirmed, but it sounds like the accident was actually secondary and that illegal racing caused the initial one.

The white Dodge Charger was speeding alongside a black GMC truck, hence the belief that they were probably racing each other. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the truck then cut off the Charger, causing an accident and sending the Dodge barreling toward the home of Ms. Schuster. Her own truck, which was parked in the driveway, was destroyed by the GMC truck that was racing.

Fortunately, the family inside, though rattled, are all fine. The two drivers will face a number of charges, driving under the influence being one of them. Obviously, Ms. Schuster should also be consulting with an attorney as well. Amongst other things, she has plenty of damages that deserve reimbursement.

You can’t possibly predict as strange an accident as this occurring, but you can prepare for it by having a qualified attorney in the area whom you’re familiar with. There’s no doubt Ms. Schuster will be on the right side of a lawsuit, but having qualified representation can still make all the difference.