DUIs up in San Diego over Labor Day Weekend

Everyone knows that the frequency of DUIs increases greatly over the holidays, especially those that occur during the summer like Labor Day. It’s no surprise, then, that arrests were up this year in San Diego. Aside from the fact that more people are on the roads and drinking with friends and family, San Diego simply has massive amounts of traffic. The area is covered in roadways that millions of people use every single day. Plus, San Diego has always been a city with a track record for traffic violations.

In just the first 36 hours of Labor Day Weekend, 55 people had already been arrested on suspicion of being intoxicated behind the wheel. These were just the arrests that CHP officers made on county freeways and unincorporated roads between the hours of 6 pm and 6 am. Fortunately, none of them resulted in any fatalities.

What is scary, however, is how much of an increase this has been over just one year ago. Back in 2013, that same 36 hours saw 34 people getting arrested for being drunk. During the first 12 hours of Labor Day weekend this year, CHP officers had already arrested 22 drivers.

It’s also sad that the rest of the state, on average, was able to go the exact opposite way with this trend. In 2013, 832 people were arrested during this time period in California, whereas this year, that number fell to 767. Unfortunately, deaths were up, growing from 14 to 18. Within the first 12 hours of Labor Day weekend, 12 of those had already occurred.

Obviously, just don’t drink and drive and these stats don’t have to scare you as much. However, should you ever be pulled over on the suspicion of drinking, you’ll be better off if you have the contact information for an attorney you can trust.