DUI Leaves Man Charged with Manslaughter and Murder

Driving under the influence is always a bad idea. It’s an unnecessary action that can easily leave you, your loved ones and innocent strangers changed for the rest of their lives. Of course, even if you don’t hurt anyone, if you get caught, you can count on that ticket dealing you some serious damage too.

In the case of one San Diego man, his decision to get behind the wheel with at least a 0.13 percent blood-alcohol level (it may have been as high as 0.19) and marijuana in his system now means he faces charges of not just DUI, but also manslaughter and murder.

While speeding, William Cady allegedly laughed at his five passengers for asking him to slow down just before the car flipped five times at the very least. Four of the passengers were ejected from the car. Two of them, Shon Gilliam and Taylor Bednarski, were dead on the scene. A third victim, Jeffrey Becker, died inside the vehicle. According to the California Highway Patrol, he was the only one wearing a seat belt.

According to testimony, Cady knew he was in no condition to drive. A bartender at one establishment urged the entire group to grab a cab. Instead, they bought whiskey from a grocery store and eventually went and got kicked out of another bar for their antics.

Due to the testimony and a sorted past with drugs and alcohol, prosecutors maintain Cady knew full well that what he was doing was wrong, to say nothing of the way he and his group were treated at two different bars. If convicted on all counts, he could face 45 years to life in prison.

Obviously, this is an extreme case and, again, it’s never ok to drive under the influence. However, it’s also important that you always have the name and number of a qualified lawyer on hand in case your actions or those of someone else have a result like the ones in this story.


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