DUI Leaves Driver with Severe Burns

It’s never a good idea to get behind the wheel when you’ve had too much to drink. Unfortunately, this doesn’t stop at least 16,000 people in San Diego County from doing it every year, and those are just the people who get caught. Although many people see drinking and driving as a harmless enough act, the truth is just the opposite as one driver recently found out in Carlsbad.

This past Saturday morning, a driver who is believed to have been under the influence of alcohol was traveling eastbound on Aviary Parkway. For some reason—again, it could have just been alcohol—he wound up losing control of his vehicle. According to Carlsbad Police Lieutenant, Mickey Williams, it was then that he crashed into some trees located in the center divider, just east of Cormorant Drive.

Things got much worse, though, after his vehicle finally came to a stop in the westbound lanes on the other side. It was then that the vehicle burst into flames.

Although he was eventually able to escape, reports say the driver didn’t get away without incurring major burns. He was quite fortunate to even be able to exit the vehicle alive.

Nonetheless, his injuries were bad enough that a helicopter needed to fly him to UC San Diego Medical Center for treatment at their Burn Center. Firefighters were also needed to put out the vehicle’s fire. Aviara Parkway was closed down from Batiquitos Drive to Cormorant Drive while emergency crews responded.

Again, alcohol is not yet confirmed as a factor in the crash. However, if it is, the man will be facing charges in a state that convicts on DUIs 80% of the time. While you never want to take the wheel when intoxicated, this should highlight why, should you be charged with a DUI, you need to speak with an attorney immediately.