Authorities Make Progress against Cross Country Drug Cartel

Though it spread all throughout the country, law enforcement recently claimed a victory over a drug cartel that starts right here in San Diego. According to authorities, the cartel smuggles drugs into the country through San Diego before proceeding all the way to New York and North Carolina.

14 people have already been arrested and charged with crimes that include conspiring to distribute large amounts of cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin and fentanyl. This last drug is an opiate that has become popular as it is even more potent than morphine.

Search warrants helped federal authorities find 15 pounds of meth, 8.8 pounds of coke and 2.2 pounds of the fentanyl. While that might not seem like a lot of the opiate, law enforcement has warned that just a few grams can actually end up killing a person. It’s designed to anesthetize people who are about to have surgery or are suffering from extremely painful diseases like end-stage cancer. Unfortunately, fentanyl can be consumed through touch, which is just one more reason it often proves so deadly.

Firearms were also found along with the guns. Authorities believe the drug traffickers have ties to the infamous Sinaloa cartel. This would help explain how they were able to import their products from Mexico to San Diego. Their large network of connections would then make it easy to bring the drugs all over the country.

The majority of the traffickers are family members as well. Hugo Adalberto Adrian Ramirezc is believed to have been the patriarch of the criminal family. Authorities believe Maria Ayala, his wife, was then in charge of collecting payments through bank accounts she had in her name. The couple’s daughter, Crystal Adrian, and son, Huge Norberto-Adrian Jr., are also believed to have played important roles.

Doing or dealing narcotics is never wise. However, if you find yourself caught up in this world, make sure you have a lawyer you can trust.