Driver Lucky to be Alive After 50 Foot Fall

A recent truck accident in San Diego was unique solely for how odd the circumstances surrounding it were and the fact that the driver involved is still alive. Although the identity of the man who was behind the wheel of the truck is not currently known we can say for certain he’s lucky to have survived.

It would seem the accident began at around 2:50 p.m. The driver was traveling west on Interstate 8, but looking to transition onto Interstate 805 to travel north. Unfortunately when the driver approached the connector ramp, something went wrong; apparently, the driver failed to slow for the turn and instead launched his truck off the ramp.

There isn’t any word on how fast the truck was going, but it was able to get some distance before beginning its dissent of between 50 and 75 feet. The truck smashed into the roof and side of a local Dave & Buster’s, located at 2931 Camino Del Rio North.

The San Diego Fire-Rescue Department arrived on the scene a little after 3 p.m. They found the driver still in the vehicle and responsive, but complaining of pain in his back. After it hit the restaurant, the truck landed right side up, fortunately. Aside from the injuries he complained about, he was otherwise alert, despite the fall. He was extracted from his truck and rushed by paramedics to Sharp Memorial Hospital.

Though we know the man is alive, there has been no word on his current status in regards to the injuries he sustained. Officials have since checked on the restaurant to ensure its structural integrity is not an issue.

While it may be sometime—if ever—before we realize what caused such an odd accident, it’s probably fair to say the driver should hire an attorney, just in case. He could face a number of lawsuits, especially from the Dave and Buster’s.


Driver survives 50-foot plunge off freeway ramp