Being that dogs are man’s best friend, it’s only natural that we return the love they give us. For many people, their dogs are less like pets and more like members of the family. So it’s also understandable that sometimes we go to extreme lengths to protect them.

That was the case for one dog owner in San Diego back on June 7th. The owner found themselves in the horrible situation of watching their small dog (breed unknown at this time) get attacked by a pit bull. This much larger canine would not let go, so the owner resorted to stabbing it in an attempt to get it to release.

Unfortunately, the owner’s efforts were in vain. By the time the pit bull let go, it was too late and the smaller dog eventually died. The pit bull was taken to a nearby animal hospital located in Poway to get its stab wounds treated. The county’s Animal Control officers were still investigating the incident when news broke.

While any dog owner will find this story tough to stomach, obviously it would be even harder to endure firsthand. Nonetheless, this situation calls for a clear head from both owners or the outcome could be even worse.

Obviously, the owner of the pit bull needs to find a personal injury lawyer in the San Diego area who deals with dog attacks. There are a number of extenuating circumstances related to the specific dog that could affect the case, but even if you think your dog was provoked or justified in attacking, you need to let a lawyer intervene.

For the owner of the dog that died, a lawyer is just as important. They have certain rights (especially if they were bit in the process) they’re entitled to as the owner. Furthermore, they could also be sued if the pit bull’s owner tries making the claim that their dog was stabbed unjustly.