Construction workers in San Diego face all kinds of difficulties and challenges when they show up for the job each day. Road workers, for example, have vehicles whizzing by them throughout the day. No matter how many signs you post warning drivers to slow down, plenty still get tickets every year for failing to do so and putting a worker’s life in jeopardy. Many more never get caught.

Those who work on buildings face plenty of risks as well. Operating at great heights means a single slip could lead to injury or worse. Workers on the ground may have plenty above their head to worry about too.

No matter what kind of construction you do, it generally involves all kinds of heavy machinery that could cause bodily harm. The presence of live wires, caustic chemicals, and even asbestos can do plenty of damage. Human error is also a constant threat you need to be wary of.

Fortunately, the San Diego chapter of the Associated Builders and Contractors has taken long strides in helping to reduce the accidents on construction sites each year. According to one of their safety committee members, Bob Harrell, accident prevention has become a part of training that starts at day one.

He may be right, too, as the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Hazard Administration has reported that fatalities in the workplace are down some 65% since 1970. Injuries and illnesses sustained on the job have fallen 67% during this same time period.

While this is good news, it’s no reason to get sloppy on the job. It’s also no reason to get sloppy about protecting yourself in case something happens. You should always know the name of a reliable San Diego personal injury lawyer who you can turn to if things go wrong. Even if your employer offers legal assistance, it’s best to have an attorney of your own looking out for your best interests.