Everyone knows that it’s terrible to drive while drinking and that they should not text or talk on the phone while driving because of the dangers it poses. However, chances are good that you’ve been on the road a few times when you’ve seen people acting angrily and aggressively toward one another. The real danger stems from the fact that these out of control people actually have large vehicles under their control, which can act like weapons when angry. This is exactly what appears to have happened in an incident in San Diego recently.

The California Highway Patrol are investigating to determine whether a collision that occurred along Interstate 8 resulted from an actual accident when a driver having road rage lost control of her truck or whether it was a deliberate action to cause the accident.

It is unclear what happened at the moment, but there was fortunately a dash cam on another one of the vehicles along the road, which caught the entire incident. This will factor in heavily as evidence, and it is rare that such video occurs in a road rage incident. However, as cameras and even dash cameras are becoming standard for many people, it is possible that the number of these sorts of incidents caught on film will rise. This could help to make the judicial process easier.

Driving while angry can be just as dangerous as driving under the influence. You are distracted when angry, and you do things that you would not do under normal circumstances. It is important to make sure that you stay calm while driving no matter what happens. If someone else caused an accident with you over some roadway dispute, it is important that you get in touch with an attorney today who can help you with your case.