How Damaging Are Slip and Fall Injuries?

Residents of San Diego, no matter how deft, coordinated and fleet of foot they might be, or like to think they are, always face the chance of having a slip and fall injury. These types of injuries can happen at work, in a store, in a parking lot and a host of other places. Wherever there is gravity and a bit of negligence, there’s a chance that someone could receive one of these injuries.


The types of injuries sustained from the slip and fall accident will vary based on a wide range of different factors. In general, certain elements will determine the severity and the damage inflicted by the fall.


The height of the fall is a big factor. The larger the fall the greater the injuries in most cases. Falls of greater than 45 feet tend to result in injuries to the internal organs, as well as the bones and tissues. Falls from less of a height tend to be bone and tissue related only. The way the person lands can also contribute. Falling “correctly”, such as with outstretched arms helps to reduce the injuries by breaking the fall slightly. The type of surface and the speed with which the person hits the surface are also important factors. Of course, the age and the physical condition of the person who falls will affect the severity of the damage as well.


Whether you fall at work, at a business, or anywhere else outside of your home, you may want to get in touch with an attorney. If the fall was due to the negligence of someone else, such as due to a faulty stair railing, then you may be able to receive damages from the accident. These can be expensive injuries that last a long time, so you deserve damages if someone else was at fault.