Crash in La Jolla Leaves Three Vehicles Overturned

With so many people travelling through San Diego and the surrounding area, accidents are, unfortunately, all but inevitable. Worse yet, given the number of drivers on the road at any one time, when an accident does happen, the potential people affected by it can be equally large.

The good news is that, while a recent accident in La Jolla involved at least three cars, no one was fatally injured.

However, three cars were involved in the crash, which took place last Thursday at 9:40 am. The accident occurred on Nautilus Street, in a particular area that has a reputation for cars traveling at high speeds. At around 9:40 am, it’s believed that a black BMW was headed west on the street when it struck a gray Mercedes SUV that had been parked near Avenida Manana.

Despite the initial crash, the BMW was able to continue and eventually hit a white BMW that was also parked, this time along Nautilus Street. After this second collision, the black BMW was only able to travel a little farther before ending up on its side.

When it was all over, the street and surrounding area were covered in three overturned cars, random automotive debris, pieces of palm tree, and even a street sign that had been knocked over.

An adult and two children were pulled from the Mercedes by a local construction worker who just happened to be on the scene. San Diego Fire-Rescue workers extracted the driver of the black BMW who had gotten trapped after the car turned over.

At this time, no one knows what was responsible for the initial crash, but it should go without saying that the driver of the black BMW should be looking for a qualified attorney to represent him as soon as possible. The other drivers should do the same to ensure they’re looked after as well.