Two residents of Palm Desert died Saturday, June 14th, after a car accident that took place in Fallbrook. The result of a poorly timed u-turn was a collision between a Hyundai Azera and the pickup truck that ran into it.

It happened on Old Highway 395 by Fallbrook where Myles Spicer, 81, and Ursula Sleep, 80, were traveling in their red Hyundai Azera. At one point, Spicer, who was the one driving the sedan, decided to make a u-turn. Unfortunately, he didn’t notice that a green Toyota Tacoma was coming from the opposite direction. While he was able to make the u-turn, the Tacoma’s driver was unable to swerve to avoid him. As a result, the truck struck the sedan on the driver’s side.

Both Spencer and Sleep were rushed to Escondido’s Palomer Medical Center. At 4:47 pm, Spicer was pronounced dead. By 5:50 pm, his passenger would be pronounced dead as well, said a representative from the San Diego County Medical Examiner’s office.

Fortunately, the driver of the Tacoma, Makoto Kubota, 64, of Fallbrook, survived. He was, however, admitted to the hospital after he complained of pain in his chest and knee. According to Kubota, he did his best to turn his pickup away from the sedan, Spicer was driving, but it was simply impossible to miss it.

At this time, the CHP is still moving forward with an investigation into the accident.

Had Spencer survived, he would want to make his first call to an attorney who could represent him in the accident. However, despite Kubota’s statement about trying to dodge the Hyundai, he’d be well served to contact an attorney as well, just to be on the safe side. With the CHP still looking into the accident, they could come back and decide that Kubota was someone responsible.