Motorcycles are a popular mode of transportation in the Bay Area. They can certainly make your normal commute more exciting, plus they offer a great way to enjoy the beautiful weather. However, as an accident in San Diego recently highlighted, it can also be extremely dangerous.

There was a major closure of Interstate 5 in Oceanside this past Saturday, July 19th. Southbound traffic was brought to a standstill for roughly 20 minutes before a single lane was opened. It would be almost two more hours before two additional lanes could be opened.

The terrifying accident began when a motorcyclist collided with a Toyota Corolla at around 8 pm. This collision occurred a little south of Oceanside Boulevard. However, the initial crash was just the beginning for the motorcyclist involved. That’s because the man—who is reported as being in his early 30s—and his bike were then thrown underneath a semi-truck.

As the semi-truck wasn’t able to stop right away, the man was dragged some 150 feet as he was trapped underneath the big rig’s rear axle. When emergency responders arrived at the scene, the man was immediately extracted and transferred to Scripps La Jolla Hospital. Obviously, he is being held and treated for major injuries. The California Highway patrol also issued a Sig Alert shortly after the crash was initially addressed.

At this time, there’s still no word on what caused the initial collision. Investigators haven’t stated whether the motorcyclist or driver of the Toyota Corolla were to blame for the incident.

Either way, both drivers should consider getting legal representation to ensure that their best interests are seen to. Whoever is deemed responsible could be facing anything from hefty lawsuits and fines to actual jail time.

So if you enjoy riding a motorcycle, be sure to make safety a priority. It’s also a good idea to have the contact info for a San Diego personal injury lawyer with you too, just in case.