Company Responsible for SDSU Fireworks Has History of Problems

For those who only watched the game on TV or didn’t stick around for the festivities, San Diego State University’s homecoming may have seemed like a great success. Coach Rocky Long led the Aztecs to holding off Idaho and clinching a 35-21 victory, increasing their record to 5-4. However, later on that night, at a postgame celebration, things took a much different turn.

Fans were enjoying the fireworks display put on by Pyro Spectacular, a company based out of the Inland Empire. A witness said that it looked like the fireworks had malfunctioned. Three shot off at the same time, but one of those came from a launcher that had fallen over. Unfortunately, it happened to tip in the direction of the crowd, meaning the firework that shot out hit an 11-year old child. He was burned on the leg and upper torso.

Although it’s unclear the extent of the boy’s injuries, he was treated by a professional inside the stadium at one of the facility’s aid stations before being sent home.

The story doesn’t end there, though, as local 10News found out. After the company told the channel they were investigating the accident and looking to check in on the victim, 10News began researching Pyro Spectacular.

Some of you may remember the Fourth of July in San Marcos back in 2010 when a firework blazed through a crowd, injuring four people before burning through a chair. There are at least three other accidents that appear to have connections to Pyro Spectacular, all of which involved injured employees. In 1996, one of their staff members reportedly died when their manufacturing plant went up in an explosion.

As the largest fireworks company on the West Coast, Pyro Spectacular would do well to make sure they have ample legal representation. Given the work they’re involved in and their history of accidents, chances are they’ll end up needing it.