No Charges Will Be Filed in El Capitan Boat Crash

Many San Diego residents and those who live in the surrounding area love to take their boats out on the many waterways that surround them. Personal watercraft is a very popular form of recreation here and for good reason. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t come without their risks. When you combine the high speeds these vessels can reach, the prevalence of alcohol on many of these bodies of water and the varying degrees of experience on the part of the boaters themselves, accidents are sadly inevitable.

For over a month, San Diego residents have been reading about a recent case that took the lives of two young men on El Capitan Reservoir, roughly 30 miles northeast of the city itself.

Until recently, the public was largely kept in the dark about the details surrounding the accident. All we knew was that Jeffrey Ingram, 21, and Russell Mendez, 20, were left dead after a boat smashed into theirs while they were fishing on the reservoir. Reports made it sound like a hit-and-run, as no suspects had been brought in for investigation.

Now we have a better understanding of what really occurred that afternoon. Edward Davies, 78, was the man in the other boat, along with a single passenger. It hadn’t been a hit-and-run though, as after the crash Davies and his passenger were rushed to the hospital with injuries.

Furthermore, Mendez had been traveling the wrong way down a section of El Capitan Reservoir known as The Narrows. At around 6:30 pm, Davies, who was traveling the correct direction, and Mendez collided.

Obviously, it makes sense for Davies to contact a lawyer to ensure he understands his rights and that they are being protected. Although he has not been formally charged with a crime, the police investigation still has to be handed over to the District Attorney’s Office. It’s always best to be prepared by having an attorney on your side.