According to My Child, about 500,000 children who are under the age of eighteen have cerebral palsy. (Cerebral Palsy Statistics) Additionally, the statistics go on to inform us that between 1,200 and 1,500 more children are diagnosed with cerebral palsy each year. The constant prevalence of the condition is certainly upsetting, especially when many of the cases could have been avoided.

While there are many other causes of the illness, one is medical malpractice. There are certain things a doctor could do or neglect to do that can directly lead to diagnosis of cerebral palsy in a baby.

For example, if the pregnant mother develops an infection and the doctor neglects to treat it promptly, this could lead to cerebral palsy in the baby. Additionally, injury during birth or neglect to properly care for the baby during natural or c-section deliveries can result in the brain injuries that lead to cerebral palsy.

Every year, doctors make mistakes or willingly take actions that lead to a lifelong condition in a newborn baby. That means, for the rest of the life of each of these babies, they will suffer from a medical condition. It never goes away. It leads to medical expenses, loss of quality of life, and burdens on the family. It is costly in so many different ways.

If you have reason to believe that your child developed cerebral palsy because of doctor’s negligence, you need to contact an attorney. You can call Thompson Wedeking for a complimentary consultation today.