Although pedestrians who observe local laws and practice common sense should have nothing to worry about from nearby vehicles, unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. This is especially true in the Bay Area, where people often travel by foot in busy areas. When the sun goes down, the danger of walking by roadways only gets worse and even more so when there aren’t streetlights to help drivers see where pedestrians may be walking.

The highway if often a dangerous place for pedestrians to travel along. At night, you have a lack of light, for one thing. However, there is also very little space for pedestrians to actually walk and almost no separation between them and the vehicles. Of course, being a highway, these vehicles often tend to be going extremely fast.

All these factors seemed to play a role on Saturday, July 19th. Three pedestrians—who have not been named—were traveling along the 3200 block of Carlsbad Boulevard, just north of Walnut Avenue located in central Carlsbad.

It was about a quarter to one in the morning when the accident occurred. A 49 year-old woman was traveling the same road in her vehicle when she struck the three pedestrians. Aside from the aforementioned factors, we don’t yet know if anything else played a role in the accident. The driver stayed with the victims at the scene and was not arrested by the police who arrived. However, an investigation is pending.

One of the victims was so injured that they needed to be rushed to a nearby hospital by helicopter. The other two victims were taken by paramedics. While their names are not being released, we know two of the victims were 29 year-old women and one was a 31 year-old man.

While this could have been a perfectly innocent mistake, it still goes to show how important it is for pedestrians to be careful about where they travel and when. It’s also a good argument for having an attorney’s contact info on hand, as all the parties involved may need to ensure their rights are protected.


Three Pedestrians Hurt in Carlsbad Car Accident