Summer in San Diego can’t be beat, but it doesn’t mean these next couple of months is an excuse to be carefree, especially if you’re going to be on the road. There are a number of reasons why summers in San Diego mean you need to be even more careful when behind the wheel.

First, consider that there will be more teenagers on the road now that school is out. Teenagers can be ideal drivers, of course, but they also lack the experience most of their adult counterparts have. This can result in poor decisions that sometimes end in auto accidents.

Second, there will be more vacationers flocking to San Diego to enjoy some of the reasons we love living here so much. This alone means there will be more drivers on the road, which automatically makes for a greater chance that accidents will occur. But vacationers are also less used to our roadways, meaning they may get confused or flustered and make a mistake with their driving.

Third, you will see more traffic from pedestrians and bicyclists. While the laws are perfectly clear about who can travel where, that doesn’t always mean either side listens. Be careful when driving in the city, as those traveling on foot or with a bike are in much greater numbers.

Fourth, you’re likely to see more cars on the side of the road in the summer as the higher temperatures attack the inner workings of vehicles. If you’re not careful to keep an eye out for them, you could potentially hurt someone or hit their car while you pass them on the shoulder.

Although the above information should keep you safe, it’s good to keep you prepared in case the worst happens. Always remember to contact a personal injury lawyer in San Diego as soon as possible to secure the representation you deserve.