Car Runs Stop Sign and Hits Motorcyclist

San Diego tends to have a bit of a track record for the amount of traffic accidents it reports every year. To some degree, this isn’t so hard to believe. The city is home to millions with millions more in surrounding areas. At any given time, though, there are also thousands upon thousands more people within San Diego, when you consider tourism. While there is enough roadways to accommodate all of them, that also means that millions of people can potentially get into accidents throughout the day.

When you think of it like that, hopefully it helps convince you to drive as carefully as possible. Even one small mistake could ruin your life or someone else’s. While things didn’t get quite that bad recently, a motorcyclist in Palomar, California is nonetheless lucky to be alive after a fellow motorist made one stupid decision.

It was this past Monday at 10:46 am when an unidentified man approached the intersection of Harolds Road and Highway 76 located just south of Palomar Mountain State Park near the La Jolla Indian Reservation.

Although the motorcyclist had the right of way, a driver who was also approaching the intersection, neglected to stop. Obviously, this meant the motorcyclist was then driving straight toward the vehicle. Instead, he voluntarily crashed it into the pavement by pulling it down while it was still moving.

While he was able to prevent a potentially worse accident, the motorcyclist was also injured and needed medical attention. He was taken to Palomar Hospital for his injuries, but we don’t know the full extent of what they actually were at this point. There’s also no word on consequences facing the other driver.

If you ride a bike, be sure you always have the name and number for a good attorney on you. In this situation, that motorcyclist would be right to make sure a qualified lawyer is preparing a lawsuit on his behalf.