Car Accident

San Diego traffic can be hectic at times, especially on the interstate, which is why it’s always important to drive defensively and keep an eye out for potential issues. Nonetheless, you can’t control every situation, which is why you should also be familiar with local options for lawyers should anything go wrong.

One recent example on Interstate 15 served to prove how accidents can occur for the most random of reasons. A 32-year-old man was driving his Toyota 4Runner southbound on the interstate when the accident occurred.

All of a sudden, the man—who has not been named—felt the back of his car sink, right around the wheel well. Though he tried to control the vehicle, the 4Runner ended up crashing into the center divider before rolling over onto its roof, according to a release issued by the CHP.

Making matters worse, three children were on board when the accident occurred. They were nine, six and five year old girls. All of them were reported as being from Escondido. What isn’t known at this time, however, is what condition they were in following the accident. We do know that they were hurt, though, and that their injuries were enough to warrant medical attention from Rady’s Children’s Hospital.

At this time, officers are still investigating the crash and what could possibly have caused it. If the driver’s story is accurate, there could be a number of reasons for his vehicle malfunctioning prior to the accident. This may mean he has a lawsuit to file against Toyota or any recent professionals who worked on it. Of course, the man could be held responsible too, in which case, he’ll want a qualified lawyer defending him.  While it’s important to always drive safely, this story helps show how important it is to always have an attorney’s number in your phone. You just never know what could go wrong.