On Thursday, June 5th, tragedy struck at a Del Mar hotel here in San Diego. At around 6:30pm, a seven year-old boy fell from a third story window of a Clarion Inn located on the 700 block of Camino Del Mar.

Fortunately, there were a few guests who witnessed the incident and were quick to rush to the boy’s aid. As luck would have it, one of these Good Samaritans was even a doctor and had several medical students in tow. They were able to assess the boy’s status and stay with him until air transport could arrive.

Mercy Air eventually flew the child to Rady Children’s Hospital. Authorities reported his condition at the time as critical. He was listed as having sustained major trauma to his head and a broken femur.

At the time the story broke, the Sheriff’s Child Abuse Unit was investigating the incident. Apparently, the boy and his family were visiting San Diego from Korea. Though it’s unknown why, the family left the boy in the room on his own to play while they were elsewhere. They only found out about the incident when they returned to check on him.

Another question currently unanswered is whether the window was left opened or if the boy was responsible. Either way, leaving the 7 year-old alone resulted in a 35 foot fall to the asphalt parking lot below.

This incident is certainly a sad one and hopefully the child survives without any complications. However, many parties in this story would also do well to consult with a qualified lawyer in San Diego. Obviously, the parents could be facing serious charges depending on what the Sheriff’s Child Abuse Unit discovers. The hotel will also want to make sure they’re protected from blame. Even the Good Samaritans may want to ensure they can’t be held accountable if any of their admirable efforts are called into question.