Bonsall Crash Kills 1, Injures 2

The San Diego area is no stranger to car accidents. Unfortunately, on a national level, San Diego is one of the worst cities for pedestrians and other drivers aren’t always much better off. Even as far as Bonsall, this remains true. Given how many people live in the San Diego area, accidents simply seem all but inevitable. Sad as this is, it’s also why you need to make sure you have a reliable attorney’s information on you at all times. No matter what your role is in the crash, you need your rights represented by a professional.

For example, consider a recent accident that occurred in Bonsall. Only one vehicle was involved, but the accident was no less tragic. Many of the details regarding the accident are still under investigation. However, it’s believed that the driver of a 1996 Honda Civic was headed south on Olive Hill Road, located just south of Morro Hills Road.

Said driver was pushing his Civic at a high rate of speed into a left curve of the road. It is believed he was going too fast and this may have been the reason he didn’t adequately negotiate the road’s new direction.

In any case, at around 5:20 pm, California Highway Patrol Officer Chris Parent says the car missed the curve and headed right off the road. Upon leaving Olive Hill Road, the car smashed into a tree.

This accident killed the man who had been sitting in the passenger seat. The driver and passenger in the rear were also injured badly enough that they had to be airlifted to Palomar Regional Medical Center to be treated for major injuries.

While the investigation is under review, it is suspected that this may be the result of a DUI. So it would be in the best interest of both individuals to secure a lawyer to represent their rights being that one has been terribly injured and one may be found responsible.