Even when the driver is not responsible, semi-trucks can do a lot of damage in a very short amount of time. Aside from their obvious mass, semi-trucks also reach dangerous levels of momentum. This means they can’t simply come to a stop as quickly as the rest of us can when something goes wrong. With so many big rigs using roadways in and around San Diego, more motorists would do well to remember these large vehicles need plenty of space.


Recently, an unidentified driver was killed after colliding with a semi-truck. The accident occurred on the northbound side of Interstate 5 in Encinitas. It was about 2:20 am when the fatal crash happened right by Manchester Avenue, according to the California Highway Patrol.

Although the incident is still being investigated, we know that the collision resulted in the other vehicle being overturned on the side of the freeway. Although the driver of said vehicle was killed, no other injuries have been associated with the accident.

What’s also scary about this kind of accident is that it is not altogether rare. A similar collision involving a semi happened back on July 19,  and, once again, the scene was Interstate 5. It began after a motorcyclist ran into a Toyota Corolla on the part of the interstate that goes through Oceanside. Unfortunately, it didn’t end there. The motorcyclist was then thrown from his vehicle and ended up under a semi. Before the driver of the big rig could come to a complete stop, the victim was dragged roughly 150 feet.

Hopefully, this serves as a reminder to always drive safely, especially when semis are nearby. However, it should also be said that the semi driver should immediately contact an attorney, even if they don’t believe they were responsible. Likewise, the family of the victim should seek legal representation as well.